Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Victoria Inc.

Change to Pointscore competition rules -
The committee recently made a change to the pointscore competition rules,
removing the requirement for entry fees to participate.

1. Eligibility 
1.1 In order for a dog or bitch to be eligible to compete for these Awards all registered owners must be financial members of the SBTCV Inc. at the time points are allocated.  
1.2 There are three categories;
a) Overall Point Score Winner
b) Opposite Sex Point Score Winner
c) Junior Point Score Winner 
1.3 To be eligible for the Junior Point Score the exhibit must be aged no less than 6 months and no greater than 18 months. Therefore, the exhibit may only enter classes:
Minor 2 and 2a, Puppy 3 and 3a and Junior 4 and 4a.a)
Points for Juniors are awarded from class results only. 
1.4 If the exhibit reaches the age of 18 months during the point score year, the points accumulated will remain on the Junior Point Score Ladder as a “final total”. The exhibit will however, continue to earn Points on the Dog/Bitch Point Score Ladder. 
1.5 To be eligible for the Dog/Bitch/Junior Point Score the exhibit must be aged no less than 6 months. 
1.6 An exhibit may compete in both Junior and Dog/Bitch Point Score simultaneously. 

2. Fees 
Entry fee is free

3. Management 
3.1 The Committee of the SBTCV Inc reserves the right to change the date of any Point Score fixture subject to public notice being given prior to the closing date of the original fixture. 
3.2 Specialist Judged Shows will be given precedence over Local Judges. 
3.3 The Secretary is to contact the nominated clubs to inform them of the Point Score and ask to advertise in the schedule in advance where possible. 
3.4 The Treasurer is to advise the Point Score Officer of all financial members and their exhibits. 
3.5 Points will be recorded upon membership approval and will not be backdated. 
3.6 The Point Score Officer is to report to the Editor and Web Administrator with updates to be printed in the newsletter and posted on the website. 

3.7 The number of pointscore shows for the next year shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting, first General Meeting after or at the first Committee meeting following. A minimum of twelve and a maximum of eighteen shows will be included in the competition. Shows should be restricted to approx 100 Kms from Melbourne or at Committees discretion. 
3.8 The Committee may, during the course of the year, include additional shows, provided the maximum number has not already been set, if it comes to their attention that a specialist Staffordshire Bull Terrier Judge has an appointment to judge in the State.
3.9 Updated competition results will be printed in the next club bulletin following each pointscore show, subject to deadline requirements.

4. Point Score System 

4.1 The scoring system is as follows: 
  Junior of the Year
Best of Breed - 20 points
RU Best of Breed - 15 points
Challenge - 12 points
Reserve Challenge - 8 points
1st in Class - 4 points
2nd in Class - 3 points
3rd in Class - 2 points 
Attendance In Class - 1 point

1st in Class - 4 points
2nd in Class - 3 points
3rd in Class - 2 points 
Attendance In Class - 1 point
Extra points are only awarded if the class is contested by an opposite sex
The Best in Class winner is awarded an additional point unless the opposite sex class winner has more points (i.e. has beaten extra dogs/bitches) in which case the Best receives an additional point to the number of points won by the opposite sex class winner. 
In the event of a tie, a count back of Specialty Show results will be the decider. BOB, RUBOB, CC, RCC, Placed 1,2,3 as reference. If still a tie after this count then it shall be considered a draw. 

, i.e. the Best of Breed scores a maximum of 20 points.
 Points awarded from one class only. 

5. Awards and Prizes 
5.1 The Point Score will run from March to February, commencing with the clubs CH show.
Presentation of awards to be made at an appropriate time as determined by committee.  

5.2 Committee reserves the right to alternate between awarding trophies, rosettes or other prizes for the three category winners.

6. Disqualification 
6.1 In the event an exhibit fails to complete Breed Judging and/or Group Judging (if applicable) the exhibit will forfeit all points earned at that particular fixture unless the Committee agrees with extenuating circumstances as forwarded by the owner and/or exhibitor within 14 days of the fixture. 
6.2 No exhibit shall be eligible to receive any Club award if at any time the said exhibit or its owner has been charged or suspended by any Canine Authority in Australia unless such suspension shall be overturned on appeal.  

Points cannot be claimed retrospectively. The committee's decision is final. Pointscore system may be subject to review at end of each year for improvement.

Entries and Enquiries to Sue Schulz