Puppy Enquiries   
The puppy listing number is a recorded message and the puppies listed on it may change at any time so you may need to continue calling it every couple of days to find out if there are any puppies available.


If you are a club member who has puppies and wish to list then read the following information.

  • The Club Puppy Service is available to financial members of the club with a minimum 12 month membership period.
  • Interstate litters are to be listed at the discretion of the club.
  • This service is a point of contact only and not a screening service of prospective new owners. It is up to the Club Member selling the puppy to assess the suitability of the prospective purchaser as a Stafford owner and to negotiate terms of sale.
  • There is a charge of seven dollars per puppy to list them on this service. And for this amount you also get a puppy kit. This contains general information on the club and the breed including diet sheets, obedience information, etc.
  • Your name and contact phone number are simply placed on the listing for 3 weeks, if puppies are not sold, you can re-list your puppies.
  • It is your responsibility as a breeder to provide this backup information to the new purchaser even if you do not directly list your puppies on the service.

The advantage of selling via the Club is that in general people who contact the Club have made enquiries on the breed, spoken to the VCA, who have in turn referred them to our service.

These days many puppies are sold via word of mouth from within the club and you should still provide handbooks etc. to the new purchasers. If you wish to list your litter or purchase puppy kits then please forward details on the form in the back of your Bulletin.

** Members who use this listing service can you please inform Carol when your puppies have been sold.