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Celebrating our ANKC Titled Staffords

Celebrating in pictures the clever staffords titled by

SBTCV members competing in ANKC events


Congratulations to the following Staffords and their owners on their 2021 titles:

Ch Bronyayr Pepas Girl CAX SWN – Pam Bonanno

Ch Onahi One Track Mind – Melissa McLean

Ch Yakindow Sonic Boom – Nicola Yates

Neut Ch Trylou Miss Galliano FD Ch – Kylie Gatt

Joden Starwalker AF Ch – Kylie Gatt

Ch Sharrazar First Strike (Imp ZAF) – L Blacher

Ch Handpikd The Duchess – G Bator & A Dean

Gr Ch Neut Ch Neworder Never Dark – G Bator & A Dean

Neut Ch Kimbastaff Dooin It Solo – D Treadwell

Ch Kimbastaff Doo It With Style – D Treadwell

Boldhart Too Hot To Handle SWN – Paz Budge

Chevhart Sweet But Psycho JC – N & G Stephen

Chevhart White Gigalo JC – N & G Stephen

Ch Capilet Dnt Feed Afta Midnite – S Clarke

Ch Neut Ch Powerpaws Made To Order – S & T Henderson